Gorilla GAINZ Performance Apparel

Gorilla GAINZ Bench Press Sling


If you want to improve your bench press (and let's be honest here, who doesn't) we recommend the Gorilla Sling! Our Gorilla Sling can help you safely bench press more weight with proper form while reducing the common complaints from lifters who experience pain in the elbow and shoulder joints when trying to maximize their lifts.

  • Constructed with a single as well as a double ply sleeve
  • Continuous support during both the eccentric and concentric phases of the bench press movement
  • Use for bench press and push-ups
  • Available Sizes: Small-XL


Size Chart:

Small: 24" wide x 6" deep

Medium: 25.5" wide x 6" deep

Large: 27" wide x 6" deep

XL: 28" wide x 6" deep

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