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Job completed for Thomas Skelton, age 43

Completion date: July 27, 2020

Why did the customer contact us?

I have fought my weight my entire life.  It did not matter what I did, I always had a belly. It did not matter if I ran every day or lifted weights 6 days a week.  I have run a half marathon and was training for a full, but still had my belly.

Solutions provided:

I went to Andrew and spoke to him about my diet, that I thought was good. I was eating 6 to 7 meals a day.  When Andrew had a look at my meals, he told me I wasn’t eating enough.  I put my full trust in him. He made me a meal plan. He made it simple for me to eat with my busy schedule.  I was reluctant at first with all the food he wanted me to eat. Within a week the pounds started to come off.  I am about to start week 8, and I am down almost 20 POUNDS, just by changing my food. I have not changed my workouts or cardio. I check in with him with pics and weight, tell him how things are going, and ask questions.  He will adjust things week to week if needed. I am not done with this journey.  Andrew thank you!!

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Thomas Skelton
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Thomas Skelton
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